This is Birmingham (2019) is a Street Crime Drama Short Film UK. This gang short film follows two notorious firearms dealers Asher K & King alongside their new recruit Andre through a series of violent events when an outer city gang begin to infiltrate their trade in the underground streets of Birmingham. Over a series of threats, the gang are soon to discover the real truths behind the cause. The film title 'This Is Birmingham' represents what the city means to the characters in the film through their own perspectives, and not the city in reality. This story is not inspired by real events or people. However, this films purpose is to show the dark side of crime and deliver a strong message to keep away from this style of life as it brings nothing but pain and anguish. SUBSCRIBE for more Films + Extras. To follow my progress (Social Media Links): IG: @kayyx FB: @realkayx Twitter: @realkayx TikTok: @realkayx Copyrighted to Kay X Films. Enquiries Contact: Kaysuofficial@gmail.com WARNING The following content contains flashing images and scenes/language some viewers may find upsetting. Disclaimer: All characters, events, & incidents in this film are fictional and for entertainment / educational purposes only. All illegal items displayed in this film are not real.

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