This storyline could be one you’re familiar with, perhaps one which on the surface could be brushed off as a simple hood tale. However, there are a lot of deeper messages embedded into the fabrics of this mini-movie. Not only is this about loyalty, crime, and betrayal (written skillfully by Buck & Ashley), but it’s even more so about life after jail for some people and the realities that they face. It’s about the culture that surrounds UK rap and drill music, and the middle-class adolescents who are disconnected from the violence that lap it up for entertainment. It touches on the role of women in our lives, particularly black women, and also how your surroundings can keep you from progressing in life. If anything this film provides an understanding of what life is like for some souls in rough communities, who want better for themselves, and their families, but can’t evade the challenges that they have to face on a daily basis. Ultimately, it depicts the other, less glamorous side of the roads/streets, one which isn’t often talked about as often as it is glorified. Giggs, Buck and the team deserve commendation for making such powerful statements, especially doing so whilst at the height of his career, from which he decided to say something important to his fan base and community. The scenes are captured well, soundtracked well and most importantly they’re acted well, a harmonic combo designed for a much bigger platform.


Giggs continues his short film with another edition titled The Essence Part II: Set It Off. The short series/film welcomes new actors to the scene such as Youngs Teflon, Tiny Boost and 2019's viral figure Ty Logan. The movie is directed by Myles Whittingham The short movie is written by Michael 'Buck' Maris and Ashley Chin as well as April Walker who aids in the Co-writing of this short film/series. The short film/series touches on the topics of gun culture, suicide, and abortion, detailing serious issues that affect the community living their daily lives in the streets. I won't drop any spoilers, but Ashley Chin who plays the role of Issac in the film/series makes a return. If you watched the first one you will know what I am talking about.

Drawn Out is a very important film to us all, it’s more than just a film, it’s hope, a way out and a message to those caught up or stuck in negative situations they don’t want to be in. It’s a look at the reality rather than the sensationalisation of street life, ga ng life, violence and how easy it is to get drawn out. This means the film is harsh at times but we all felt it needed to be to reach those who are in harsh situations and to deal with the rawness of these issues. A partnership between Fully Focused, Arsenal in the Community and Ambitious Academy, we held over 25 workshops on a north London estate for 8 months, working with people on the estate affected by the issues the film deals with who had no experience of film-making, acting or script writing, to come up with the concept, work on the script, act in the film and work behind the scenes on set. 50% of the cast including one of the leads had never acted before, never been on screen and never been involved in anything like this before. There has been so much achievement from so many people involved already, the project has been a great success. With over 15 young participants from Elthorne and another 15 of the young team from Fully Focused plus some of the best cast and crew in the industry, we are so proud of what we have all achieved together and we are more than gassed about what this film can now go on to achieve. Creative Concept: Jon Jon Levi Hughes Emmanuel Nzeza Niah Dorsett Sami Nahum Jordan Aloye Karmen Royal Jay Jay Doyle Mbongo Jaden Lee Jaden Mcgibbon Josh Bacor Stazzy Javah Pasquine Shawdon Smith Director - Teddy Nygh Producers - Nick Bedu & Leah Henry Cinematography - Bani Mendy Editor - Adam Lewis Co-producers - Shawdon Smith & Jack Ironside #ShortFilm #DrawnOut #MYM 🚨SUBSCRIBE : 📷INSTAGRAM : 🕊 TWITTER : 👨‍💻FACEBOOK : Ambitious Academy:

Nines, the London-based MC and XL Recordings artist, has shared a self-directed short film and announced details of a new album. Crop Circle features cameo appearances from J Hus, Mist, Mostack, and Kurupt FM’s Grindah and Beats among others. The half-hour long movie is described as "a gritty tale of life in London told with a ton of humour" and can be seen above.

This is a music video/short film starring Lia Marie Johnson as a young girl serving lemonade to make money, when an Vietnam war Veteran (Trejo) is driving home he see's her walking in the desert and decides to help her out. Things take a turn for the worst when you don't expect what happens next.

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